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New Hope Survival Kit for Women

New Hope Survival Kit for Women


This Survival Kit is used for the first counseling session with women. The booklet first leads you through the plan of salvation, then it establishes your identity as a Child of the King. Assignments utilize each of the kit items to get them started.


The New Hope Survival Kit for Women includes:

  • “Who God Says I Am” bookmark
  • “Who God Says I Am” CD
  • “I Am a Child of the King” note card
  • “Survival Kit” booklet


Knowing who you are in Christ, as a child of the King, releases the miracle-working power of God in your life. Following some basic, but life-transforming assignments, can totally transform your life. These lay the foundation for the entire New Hope program.


Packaged in a lovely gift bag, this set makes a wonderful gift for any woman, no matter what their level of spiritual maturity


A gift like this can lead a heart to Christ, the Perfect Gift of all.