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Hope Chest Thrift Store, 1003 N. 18th Street Centerville Iowa, phone (641) 437-4900. Store hours Monday through Friday 10-5, and Thursdays 10-7pm.

1003 N 18th St
Centerville, Iowa
(641) 437-4900

Donations received anytime during store hours.

“More Than Just A Store”

The Hope Chest Thrift Store’s success in this community is because of everyone’s generous giving and excitement about what we’re doing to help so many people.
God has honorably entrusted to us the ministry of managing some of His resources. The people who lovingly and generously donate to this also trust us to be good stewards of their gifts. With this being an upscale Thrift Store, we have people coming from all directions for miles around. Southern Iowa’s largest Thrift Store ministry is most definitely an added attraction for all, and brings more people into the community. Who doesn’t love a bargain! Plus Thrift Store shopping has become chic!

The Hope Chest Thrift Store is so much more than just a Store—it is a non-profit that strives to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families while providing funding for the free faith-based counseling services offered through the New Hope Counseling Center. We are making nicer quality items available to anyone at low cost. Many children are helped each year through our Back to School Giveaway of free Back Packs filled with School Supplies, the Coats for Kids event, and Children's Free Christmas Shopping Extravaganza. Nothing goes unused…store recycling items are even passed on to CROSS Ministries in Osceola, which utilizes them for mission trips and other service projects.

The Hope Chest Thrift Store offers an amazing opportunity for community service projects. When the Student Council came and helped with the Children’s Christmas Shopping Day, those young adults brought such a joyful spirit and organization to that event, it truly mesmerized the store staff. One young man even asked if he and another junior high student council member could come serve at the store again. We are also partnering with other non-profits, such as Optimae in providing a place for some of their clients to serve, and with the Exline Royal Neighbors group, as they support the store’s work and the store collects baskets for theirs. It truly is the community serving the community all the way around, and our staff and volunteers love being a part of it.

The Hope Chest is an up-scale thrift store and all items are donated from the generous givers of this community and surrounding areas. We are a ministry with a 3-fold purpose: 1) To bring glory to God in everything we do; 2) Help provide financial support for free counseling through New Hope Counseling Center; 3) To be a blessing and provide a service to our community and abroad. This is so much more than just a ‘store’—it is a place that provides refuge and healing for the people and families of our communities. We are givers of Hope through our Lord Jesus Christ, and "Once you choose HOPE, anything is possible!"


  • Back-to-school Give-away – hundreds of children are helped each years with backpacks, school supplies and hygiene products, and back-to-school clothes.

  • Free Coats for Kids and Winter Attire Give-away.

  • Children’s Free Christmas Shopping Day – hundreds of children are blessed each year shopped for immediate family members with so many families touched.

  • Helping fire and Natural Disaster Victims.

  • Nursing Home Ministry Outreach and Support.

  • Diapers for Haiti (made from donated t-shirts)

  • High School Student Work Program

  • Prom Attire Outreach.

  • Supporting churches and services throughout Appanoose county and abroad.

  • People drop their spare change into a “Blessing Jar” from which they give to help others, such as the Jr. High School Hygiene program, Student Clothing, support for cancer, disability benefit, the list grows each year!

The Thrift Store blesses the community, networks and collaborates with other charities and organizations by giving donated items and other networking opportunities. We help support the direct services of New Hope Counseling Center, and also provides an avenue for many Volunteers whose passion it is to serve people at the store. Volunteerism is important to our organization; it is an important part of a thriving community as people serve one another. As a non-profit, we are proud to give Students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out Service Projects here, and they can also earn hours for their Silver Service Award at graduation. We want to thank our local group of Student Council members for the wonderful work they have blessed us with. It has been found that students benefit greatly—both academically and emotionally—from volunteering their time to make the community and world a better place. While performing community service, students have the opportunity to see firsthand how much their work can have an impact on the world—this is something our ministry wants to be a part of. We have also had other groups from the community come and do special work projects to help us out, which has been a huge blessing with this new building. Call us at the store’s new phone number: 641-437-4900, or stop by to see how you can get involved this way.

Being in this larger building enables us to help so many more people. God wanted to bless the Thrift Store ministry and use it to be a blessing in this community and the surrounding areas more than was possible in its first, smaller location. All of New Hope’s outreaches really are far-reaching, with ripple effects:

  • New Hope Counseling Center – we have had Counselees from as far as 100 miles away.

  • Hope Chest Thrift Store – and its extensive outreaches.

  • New Hope Ministry – providing affordable and effective ministry materials to help people help others.

  • New Hope Prayer Center – praying for and speaking blessings over the community and region night and day.

  • Hope Medical Loan Closet – loaning out misc. medical equipment to people free of charge.

If you would like to be a part of this unique local charity as a Volunteer,
or help us make a difference in the lives of others, stop by our new location at:

1003 N 18th St in Centerville

Tax-deductible donations can be made at:

NHCC, PO Box 151, Centerville, IA 52544

...or here on our website:

Thank You to Our Community!

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the community of Centerville and the surrounding areas for causing the Hope Chest Thrift Store ministry to be such a huge success. Your generous donations of such quality and quantity have caused us to continually be over-whelmed with awe. We certainly have a very special and supportive community to be proud of. Thank you so much for partnering with us friends.

Proceeds go to fund the local mission work of New Hope Counseling Center:

P.O. Box 151

Centerville, IA  52544


Phone: 641.856.3326


Facebook: “New Hope Ministry & Counseling Center”

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