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Our Materials

The New Hope Materials

       New Hope is non-denominational, producing ministry materials that have no denominational slant,
teaching the core tenants of the Christian faith in a way that sparks a fire in people’s hearts.

The New Hope materials are designed to lead you on your journey of moving from the point of being
a child of the King to becoming a warrior of the King. They teach people who God really is and how to
have a relationship with Him on a deeply personal level. It is a progressive revelation of deeper
things. This is for people who seriously want to go deeper with the Lord. It is also a perfect balance of
the Word and the Spirit that people so desperately need. We know that’s why it is working so
powerfully in people’s lives to bring transformation, healing, rooting, grounding, tremendous growth
and maturity, and discovering who God created theme to be, so they know and can do what He has
called them to do. These materials help people, not to simply experience another good program, but
to personally experience God. Our goal and desire is to lead people to experience the presence of the
Lord Jesus Christ at work in their lives. 
       God directed us to create a ministry tool that anyone could use just by following the instructions. It's
a unique tool that has multiple uses to accomplish His purposes in each person. It is a tool for
evangelizing your community, a tool to help struggling Christians, for discipling new Believers, to help
deepen your walk with the Lord, for meeting counseling needs, for the training and equipping of
people to serve the Lord and advance His Kingdom.

All forms of the New Hope Materials have the same content:

  •  Establishes the authority of God’s Word.

  •  Leads people to the Lord and establishes who they are in Christ.

  • Leads people down the path to individual intimacy with the Lord that He desires and their 

hearts crave, as they learn to interact with Him.

  •  Teaches the process of evaluating thoughts, exposing lies, replacing them with truth.

  •  Corrects any distorted thinking they may have about God as their Heavenly Father and reveals

His true character.

  •  Helps people come to know Who God is to them personally and begins the discovery of who He

created them to be.

  •  Makes clear the basis for our power and authority in Christ.

  • Covers Biblical Principles dealing with the main root problems from which all other problems 


       Main Root Problem #1 – Counterfeit Spiritual Experiences
       Main Root Problem #2 – Generational Problems
       Main Root Problem #3 – Believing Lies
       Main Root Problem #4 – Unforgiveness
       Main Root Problem #5 – Pride
       Main Root Problem #6 – Rebellion
       Main Root Problem #7 – Causing Offense
       Main Root Problem #8 – Habitual Sins

  • Makes them rooted and grounded, and built up in faith (Col. 2:7).

  • Helps them discover what He has called them to do for His Kingdom.

  • Produces a desire to serve, trains and equips them to do so effectively.

  • Develops a Kingdom Mentality and vision for how they can be a part of transforming and

building the world wherever God places them.
       It begins with letting you know that you are a Child of the King; it ends with your having become a
Warrior of the King. There is a difference between a soldier and a warrior. A soldier serves out of
duty. A warrior serves out of devotion. Imagine what a church full of Warriors of the King could do for
your church! What it could do in your community! What it could do in your world!

Ministry Kits

We have put the New Hope Materials into ministry kits to help train and equip leaders:

  • Pastoral Counseling Kit – Everything you need to do Biblical Counseling as a Pastor or Lay Counselor

  • Counseling Center Kit – Everything you need to set up and operate your own Biblical Counseling Center

  • Discipleship Kit – Everything you need to do One-on-One Discipleship or lead a Discipleship Class

  • Discipleship Program Kit – Everything you need to implement the New Hope Discipleship Program at your Church

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