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Pastor Testimonials

Greg Colegrove's Testimonial

​It has been awesome to see the seeds of God’s Word take root in the lives of people who have been beaten up. I’m glad to have the tools to bind the broken hearted and to help set the captives free. The New Hope materials are easy to use and easy to see progress in the counselee’s life. If you are like I was, counseling was the least favorite part of ministry, mostly because of the feeling of inadequacy in this area. I have actually seen how counseling the hurting can make a difference in your church and in your community. The New Hope materials in the New Hope for Spiritual Growth Bible Study form and the presentation in a class setting were phenomenal. I saw people bond together, grow in their faith, laugh, cry, and be accountable to one another. Everyone offered something unique. The materials were great for creating a discipleship format

Anonymous' Testimonial

I was greatly impressed with the program after reading the materials, but the true test is in how it impacts the real people going through it. The results are showing that it is life-changing.

Rod's Testimonial

What this has meant to me personally – I just can’t begin to tell you what God has done in my life. If you could have walked with Jesus personally, would you want to? Would you have liked to have been His disciple? Would you like to have known what it was like? You all have the opportunity through this course. You will see it. The things you learn will become a life experience, not just things written on a page. The first thing you will learn from this is that the people who come to you for this will have an improved self-image. The “Who God Says I Am” bookmark list will start to change their thinking. They will start seeing themselves in a different light. Then you will see the lies of the devil exposed. Next you will see them have an intimate relationship with God. You will also see interpersonal relationships grow within your church in the Seminar setting. So many things happen in that room because of what we are sharing with them. It is a powerful thing to see someone change right before your very eyes.

Anonymous' Testimonial

I was so impressed with the materials New Hope has put together. People from other evangelical church backgrounds are also seeing the value in this Biblical Counseling program and are wanting to use the material as well. I have been in ministry for 50 years, and these materials have been life-changing for me.

Michael Flees' Testimonial

I would like to endorse New Hope Ministry. I have been a Pastor for nine years. I have an M.A. in Pastoral Counseling from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and have studied various teachings on counseling before and after I graduated in 1994. I have not seen a more powerful and effective way to counsel biblically than what I have seen by taking the New Hope Seminar. Our church people can be taught how to counsel biblically without having any degree from a university or seminary. It can be a valuable tool to the pastors and churches since any one in their congregation can become a biblical counselor, since we are all called to be ministers. We are here as Christians to finish the work our Lord has given us and biblical counseling certainly fills a great need of the church today. Pastors know they need the help of their people. We need to give them the tools to equip them for ministry and this is one of those tools.

Anonymous' Testimonial

Appanoose County is small in population, but there is great spiritual need in this area. Many people are struggling with life’s problems, feeling like they are all alone. New Hope Counseling Center has brought hope in Christ and has brought Christian people together in a way we haven’t experienced in this part of Iowa. But New Hope has gone well beyond Centerville, IA and has had phenomenal success. It is easy material to grasp and powerful in its effect because it is based on Scripture, lots of Scripture. Counselees who have completed the program are changed by God’s power. We are talking about people who have had serious emotional, relational, and/or mental problems.

David D. Welch's Testimonial

All through seminary and Bible College I never came across material that affected a person’s spiritual life as this material does. The material allows for progressive life changing counseling and a guidance program focusing not on man’s word but on God’s Word. I have been using this material for two years and have personally seen the program change lives with problems of sexual impurity, drugs abuse, spousal abuse, and the lost accepting Christ. Speaking God’s Word is one of the keys to this program. I can only say if you want to see the life of an individual change or a congregation change, invite them to use this material.

Paul Backhouse's Testimonial

I’ve been trained in a number of different models of counseling and been frustrated by them all… finding a low degree of success. Jesus Christ called me to see the captives set free. In our counseling program now, using these materials, we have a waiting list. We are seeing tremendous results. There are incredible moments of deliverance that happens in people’s lives as they go through this. We are also using this program in our church as Basic Leadership 101. Every leader in my church has to go through this course. Some awesome benefits of this program we are seeing is that it is drawing people into ministry. People who’ve been Christians for 25-30 years are beginning to discover new ministry gifts that they never thought they had before. To sum it all up, this is what I see: 1) I see true discipleship, 2) I see people being called into ministry and using their ministry gifts, 3) I see the power of the Gospel really working.

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