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Vision. Mission. Values.

“He Restores Your Soul”

New Hope


New Hope's Purpose is to be a Light to Lead People to Individual Intimacy with God


New Hope’s Mission is to Light the Way; 

Developing systems, patterns, and materials for Churches and others to use to draw people to God, lead them into individual intimacy with Him, and develop a Kingdom Mentality.

Every area of New Hope seeks to help people understand how unique and special they are to God, and how He longs for an individual, interactive relationship with them—which gives them hope and confidence that He cares about them and wants to be involved in every detail of their lives. We desire for people to see how every single detail is meant to draw them into individual intimacy with Him. 


Our entire mission is to be a light to lead people into individual intimacy with God…where God is involved in their individual lives, they can hear from Him, they can be directed by Him, and have that amazing kind of relationship with Him as He continues to develop them to become more like Him.

Two-Fold Calling

To build up warriors of the King, and to equip them to do the same.

Begun as a local Biblical Counseling ministry in Centerville, Iowa, little did we know that God had a
bigger plan. God gave us a burden, not only to help hurting people and disciple Believers, but to also
equip God’s people to help and disciple others.​

New Hope is non-denominational, producing ministry materials that have no denominational slant,
teaching the core tenants of the Christian faith in a way that sparks a fire in people’s hearts.

God directed us to create a ministry tool that anyone could use just by following the instructions. It's
a unique tool that has multiple uses to accomplish His purposes in each person. It is a tool for
evangelizing your community, a tool to help struggling Christians, for discipling new Believers, to help
deepen your walk with the Lord, for meeting counseling needs, for the training and equipping of
people to serve the Lord and advance His Kingdom. God uses ordinary people to accomplish
extraordinary things. He wants to show Himself to be powerful through us, and it begins with one
person at a time.

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