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Counselee Testimonials


When I came to New Hope, I was losing hope in my battle with anxiety. Although I had been memorizing Scripture, reading Christian books about how to overcome fear and anxiety, and putting into practice what I was learning, I still couldn’t overcome this stronghold in my life. A friend suggested that I find a Christian counselor and all I could do was laugh! I live in a very small town without any kind of counseling services available. Being a widow on a fixed income, I also knew it would be difficult to afford counseling. Although I was sure it would be hopeless, I went ahead and Googled “Christian counselor near me” and New Hope Counseling Center popped up on my screen! Not only that, but it is located in Centerville, just 25 minutes from where I live and it is free! I knew then that the Lord was renewing my hope in finding healing from anxiety. Since attending the “While I Wait” class and eventually being assigned to a wonderful counselor and prayer partner at New Hope, I have been learning so much about the importance of how I view God and how I view myself in relation to Him. Through the counseling materials I am discovering that much of my anxiety stems from the lies I have believed about my Heavenly Father. As I continue renewing my mind with truth, I am certain the Lord is in the process of leading me to full freedom from my fears. I truly look forward to each counseling session and learning all I can from the sound biblical teaching! I am very thankful to everyone who makes the New Hope ministry available to people from all walks of life! You are a vital part of the answer to my prayers for healing and because of the generous donations, I don’t carry additional anxiety about how to pay for these services. May the Lord richly bless you as you are blessing others!


​I came to New Hope a mess, living my life the way I wanted to, me being in control—always angry. It was a mess. Now I’ve processed the New Hope materials and have a God-filled heart and life. And I can only be thankful to our Heavenly Father for New Hope. If only more people could live like this and feel this good!


What do I believe I have received from New Hope? I believe that I have regained a life that is so much more and far better now than it ever was before. God has truly opened my eyes, my heart, and my ears to make the drastic change that He has made in me. This program has wonderful tools to help us in all situations. God has truly blessed your New Hope Program to reach people in need…The literature and Scripture from the Bible that you have incorporated into this program are extraordinary tools for all of us to learn how to be renewed and live in Christ, and to be free of the chains of bondage. I so much appreciate all of the hard work that it has taken to get this program into the works and how you all sacrifice your time for the good of the Lord to help others. Without God’s help and your help, I would not be where I am today. I praise God, because if you truly want help, you must be honest with yourself (God already knows), you have to be serious about a change (and I was), then God can work in you! I believe this is the best thing I have ever been through. I believe God opened the door for me to go through this program and break the chains that satan had me in. I AM NOW FREE, PRAISE GOD!!!! Thank you for your obedience to God to help others. I know how much I APPRCIATE IT!!! My heart’s desire is that one day I in return will be used of God to help others in their time of need. It should be required that everyone go through this program. How much better would our world be? Thank you New Hope.


​I believe that New Hope can bring you in a much closer relationship with Jesus and the Father, and bring you to an understanding of why some things are forbidden. I believe that this would be an excellent program for both people if you were a newly formed couple. And the peace and joy attained from studying Scriptures is a rich blessing anyone would benefit from.


When I came to New Hope, I was dealing with anxiety, which played into a severe lack of self-confidence. These feelings, at times, controlled me and manipulated me, so much so that I would question much of what I wanted to do. In response, many times the answer I ‘heard’ was, ‘You could never do that.’ New Hope has helped me in unimaginable ways! Its counseling course and sessions has given me the tools I needed to LIVE. I now know I can live, free from the bondage of all that has held me captive in the past! New Hope’s counselors have used the Biblically-based study to guide me away from the self-doubt and anxiety. I CAN live life boldly for Jesus, centered on His will for my life. New Hope brings hope to a world that can seem full of hopelessness. Nobody needs to feel alone and without hope in our area. New Hope provides a much-needed service to anyone who will give it a try and allow Jesus to do a work in them. I’m beyond thankful for New Hope and its counselors.


I believe I have a much more clear understanding of Who my Heavenly Father is. I knew of Him before, but now I feel I know Him even more. I have also learned how to understand my spouse and her feelings, and how I should treat her according to our Father. It is amazing that we think we have the answers, but if you truly study His Word you find you don’t know near as much as you thought you did. I wish I could have gone through this material long before our marriage got into trouble…


Thank you for your donations and supporting New Hope. God has given me a great life. I would have never thought I needed counseling. But one day God sent me to these wonderful people at the Counseling Center and it changed my life. I didn’t realize how much I had strayed away from God’s Word and doing His work, until I started counseling. My counseling team was amazing. Every week we would have a moment where I knew God was speaking to me. I love the fact that I can hear His voice again. I thank you for supporting this wonderful ministry. God Bless you for your donations and helping people like me. Not only has this changed me, but it changed my husband also. Even though he didn’t go to counseling with me, the changes he saw in me made a difference. He now goes to church with me every Sunday, and we read the Bible together. I’m in love with the new us!


​I liked the way the material was set up. It gave me a better understanding of God’s Word. This material helped me immensely. I have a daily relationship with God now. I know now that God does love me and does care about me the way I love my child. I know now to pray to God and seek guidance from Him, not all the people of the world. When seeking guidance, seek it from God’s Word and Christians. I take those thoughts captive and do not allow satan to drive my thoughts.


This study helped me understand the Bible better. The materials, the Counselor and Prayer system was such a blessing in my life. I was a recluse for two years and left home only when I absolutely had to. This counseling program made me get out and get close to people again. It brought revelation after revelation, especially when doing the Main Root Problems and resisting evil in my life that I really didn’t even know was evil. And there was a lot! One experience in particular happened…When we were doing the long check list of evil things we had ever done, or been involved with, even had done to us against our will. I had many marked! As I went through saying the renunciations and cleansing prayers, I became so hot I felt like I was on fire. Slowly I became sicker and sicker to my stomach. I was so close to vomiting. I could hardly talk, but I pushed on, and when I was done, I felt a huge weight leave my body. I couldn’t believe it. And I have always had terrible Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from sexual abuse as a child, and had horrible flash-backs. The Lord has taken them away! Praise the Lord. Bless Jesus. This program has literally changed me and my life. My 13 year old daughter even told me, “Mommy, you sure have changed so much.” I asked if for the good? She said, “Oh yeah!”


The materials in the program have helped me to learn and understand God’s word. I have seen the transformation in myself and my family. I now have a personal relationship with God. I have learned to trust God in all things. I can now recognize satan’s lies and replace them with God’s truth that gives me peace of mind. God is using the people of this program as vessels to bring the word of God to others. I am so thankful to be a part of this program. Through the generosity of others, New Hope will be able to continue their mission work, God’s work.


Every week of my counseling was a God send for me. It was exactly everything I needed. When I started this program, I was a mess! I was so broken, and depressed, and had been for 10-15 years. My life was dark, nothing was joyful. I had withdrawn from everything and everybody. I quit doing the things I enjoyed doing and became a hermit for the most part. I worked, but had trouble with not wanting to go. When I got there I didn’t want to be there and couldn’t wait to go home. I cried all the time and the sadness was overwhelming! Then half way through the counseling program, I was told I had cancer in my left kidney. Well, if anything would have depressed me further, it would have been this. But, little by little, God had been working in my life from the start of the program, and I had become a different person without realizing it. God had been lifting darkness from me, because I was involved with learning about His Word. (Amazing!) I sailed through the cancer crisis with no qualms. I completely trusted God to heal me. I had come into complete rest in Him. I had my kidney removed and no chemo or radiation was needed. Six months later—no cancer! I know with all my belief in Him, that He has healed me! Now that I have finished my counseling, I really have become a new creature. I can now control my thoughts, and satan, from making my life miserable. I started going to church and I love it! My Counselor and Prayer Partner were the most awesome people to work with and I care about them deeply! God will definitely bless them! All I can say is I’m happier and I have a new attitude! God Bless “all” who were involved! I love you!!


​My faith has grown so much. I was also able to forgive and let go of being sexually abused by a relative over 20 years ago. I have learned to deal with things differently, as God would like them to be dealt with. I have learned life is so good when we have God with us in every way. I am now feeling the wonderful freedom of forgiveness and love of my Father/God.

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