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What is Biblical Counseling?

New Hope's Biblical Counseling Program is called: "Turning the Battle"

Whether it is addiction, depression, or any other emotional, relational, or spiritual problem, beginning this Biblical Counseling Program will mark "The Turning Point" in the person's battle.

We believe the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God, and He has laid down some absolute, eternal
principles in His Word that if implemented have a 100% guarantee. Most experts agree that all emotional
problems stem from one or more of eight main root problems. We thought, If you already know that, why
don't you just cover those main root problems with people first? Why waste so much time traveling down
endless roads, that usually wind in circles, searching for the root of the person’s problem?

So we developed a set-Scriptural system covering those eight main root problems, that we lead each
person through. It really is true--if you deal with the roots, the “issues” tend to disappear along the way!

But what makes the New Hope Materials truly unique is the heart connection it produces. Teaching
won’t bring about transformation in people unless it touches their heart. Lives are changed when head
knowledge becomes heart experience. The New Hope Program is designed to engage the heart and lead
people to truly experience God’s presence in their lives. It teaches people about who God really is and
how to have a deeper, more personal relationship with Him. This produces a spiritual maturity that brings
about genuine transformation. It also teaches people about the spiritual battle that will threaten their
relationship and deeper walk with God. Our goal is for each person to experience the very presence and
power of our Lord Jesus Christ in their lives

What is the Biblical Counseling approach?

Most problems stem from one or more of eight main root problems:

1. Counterfeit Spiritual Experiences
2. Generational Problems
3. Believing Lies
4. Unforgiveness
5. Pride
6. Rebellion
7. Causing Offense
8. Habitual Sins

Instead of searching for the roots, we developed a set-Scriptural system that covers these eight main
root problems. As we deal with the roots, the “issues” tend to disappear!

Through the process, people also discover who God created them to be and what He has called them to
do. It wakes people up to their identity and gives meaning to their lives. There’s no better way to live than
how and where God calls you! It’s a life of purpose and true fulfillment.

God then led us to put the materials into a handbook form with Notes to the Counselor and step-by-step instructions of exactly what to do and say as you lead a person through it. That made it very trainable. Lay people can be trained to help with meeting counseling needs and lead others through the counseling program by just following the handbook. The Counselee gets their own binder, and everything we cover with them is given to them in the form of handouts, so when they are done they have their own complete Counseling Handbook. This way they don’t lose or forget anything. It’s all right there for them. We are not just taking them through these principles to apply one time. We are teaching them how to implement them into their lives from that point on, which is what brings about lasting change.

Frequently Asked Questions

I hear you have a waiting list — what can I do while waiting for counseling to begin?

We encourage you to join our “While I’m Waiting” group. This group meets one hour weekly. A Counselor and Prayer Partner provide this service with a curriculum that will give you some tools from the New Hope Program to start applying to your problems. This provides you with a good head start when you do get into counseling. We find that the participants provide much needed support and encouragement to each other during these sessions.

We also recommend the “The New Hope Miracle Set.”  The booklet first leads you through the plan of salvation (just to make sure), then establishes your identity as a child of the King, by giving four simple assignments using the items in the set for a 30-day period of time. Knowing who you are in Christ, as a child of the King, releases the miracle-working power of God in your life. Just doing these few simple things could totally transform your life. Here at New Hope Counseling Center, we give this gift to everyone on our waiting list for counseling. It prepares them for the program.

May I send you a prayer request?

We would be honored to pray for you!

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