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Meet Our Staff

Executive Director

Counseling Director

Hope Chest Director

Our Staff & Volunteers at Work

Directors' Assistant

Debbie Malloy of Albia, Iowa

Secretary/Receptionist, Counseling Assistant

Debbie Thompson of Centerville, IA

Intercessory Prayer Team Directors

Beth Withrow of Moulton, Iowa

Camille Stocker of Albia, Iowa

Financial Advisor

Pat McAfee of Centerville, Iowa


Janet Morgan of Centerville, Iowa

Hope Chest Assistant Director

Melody Engle of Brazil, Iowa

Digital Ministry Coordinator

Logan Jellison of Exline, Iowa

Operations Assistant

Shawna Lewellen of Centerville, Iowa

Advisory Board

Julie DeVries of Centerville, Iowa

Connie Drake of Indianola, Iowa

Scott Farrington of Albia, Iowa

Pat McAfee of Centerville, Iowa

Larry & BB Rail of Albany, Oregon

Sheryl Rafferty of Kansas City, Missouri

Dave Stephens of Loudon, Tennessee

Board Members

Dick & Jan Allen of Panora, Iowa

Tom & Twilah Kaldenberg of Albia, Iowa

Steve & Mary Settles of Winfield, Iowa

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