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Small Group Testimonials

Mary Jo

I would recommend for everyone—Baby Christians and older alike.


It really helped me to recognize the lies that satan wants you to believe and how I can overcome those lies with God’s truth. It really helped me realize how there is a spiritual battle going on in our lives and how God, through His Word and Jesus, gives us the tools and power to overcome that battle. It is amazing to see how many different areas are touched upon in this course and how God can work His healing in any area of our life


I found myself saying, “I wish I had these tools growing up.” But I did—everything in this study pointed back to the Bible. Thank you for showing me new ways to apply God’s Word to all situations! I have enjoyed this course tremendously! I can’t wait to take others through it.


I’ve gone to church and Bible Studies since I was a child. Nothing I learned before New Hope was as insightful into what God’s Word has to say to me. I feel I have a closer relationship with God now. I also have lots of tools for living that I had never realized were available. I would recommend the New Hope materials to everyone. It is wonderful and can be life-changing.


​ Everyone should really take this course. It has so much material in it that you’ll use the rest of your life.

Steve and Mary

God is working through these materials! I can’t tell you what the New Hope Bible Study materials have done for our family and for everyone we’ve taught in our little classes. Lives are being dramatically changed. And I’m talking about people who were already Christians! A Christian’s life should be obviously different from a non-believer’s life. We, along with most of the Christians we were around, were just the same after we became Christians. That all changed when we took the New Hope class. Finally, the abundant life which we’d been searching for is ours for the taking. And it doesn’t really have a lot to do with money. It’s all about who you are in Christ, and I believe with all my heart that 90% of Christians don’t know that. WE GET IT! So we will shout it from the rooftops that we are children of the King and joint-heirs with Christ, and all of the benefits that go with that position are ours! Hurray, hurray! And I also loved learning that I was forgiven for the past, the present, and the future, once and for all time with the Blood of Jesus. Wow! What peace that brings! He loves me, loves me, loves me, and I love it, love it, love it! So we thank you for doing what you’re doing. You are a blessing!

Discipleship Class Participant

Because of the New Hope, I have been empowered by the Holy Spirit. New Hope has shown me how to apply all of God’s truths and promises. I have abundant life now, as God promised.


These materials will benefit me for a long time. I will refer to them and most likely reread them each year! My life has been forever changed for the better due to the classes at New Hope! I feel I have gained a deep understanding of God’s love for me, and of the sacrifice of God that he sent Jesus to come to Earth to die for our sins! My love and heartfelt thank you to the staff here at New Hope who have put their heart and souls into the books we are using.


I want you to know that New Hope has impacted my life more than you know! When John, Heather, & I went through the program, we all found so much freedom, but then the Lord asked me about a year & a half ago to redo the principles, & I did, & got rid of even more junk! And then we moved to our apartment, & I had no vehicle, & I was stuck a half hour away from my family, & He asked me to do it once more! I did not want to do those principles again, & couldn’t figure out why He would ask me to do it 3 times, but I knew if He said it I’d better do it, so I did. And at the end of each principle He would show me a picture in my mind of Jesus standing at a gate, & He would open it for me as I walked in with the problem, & put it on a pile that became a mountain of “stuff”, & then we would walk to the pile together, & burn it as a sweet savor & offering to God. He told me when we were done that it had taken that long for me to trust Him enough to give it ALL to Him. And guess what, as soon as we neared the end, He provided an awesome Toyota for us for $1000, & I had transportation, & the blessings from Him have been unbelievable ever since!!! I am so thankful that we have a Father who loves us so much that He has the patience to do that with one of His kids, so we can be truly free! I still have issues, but I just keep filling up on His Word so the junk will keep coming out, & once in a while when it builds up we burn a pile & get rid of it!!!!!!! We thank all of you for hanging in there through a lot of attacks so that the rest of us can all be free! We love all of you!

Freedom from Shame

Last night’s class was wonderful. There are five mature-in-Christ women who are so solid. It is a privilege to lead them. We all love your New Hope materials. And God just keeps revealing things to me personally, so I’m the one benefiting the most. After I talked to you on the phone two weeks ago about Laura burning the “shame list” and God telling her that He gave her beauty for ashes, I reread that section. And as you may have surmised on the phone, I hadn’t done it myself! I totally missed it, which is crazy because I’ve read that section at least four times! I always read through the entire lesson BEFORE class so I’ll be better prepared with examples and anything else that might come up. Anyway, I read the material, asked God to show me any area of shame in my life, and He INSTANTLY downloaded about six things! I was blown away, because if you had asked me if I were ashamed of anything in the present or past, I would have said there was nothing! I wrote them down on a paper and went through the exercise, then went outside to burn them. I lit the paper and watched it burn up. I looked at what remained—nothing but a teeny tiny little ash—God revealed to me that things in my past that I’d felt guilty about were just that—nothing! And I was totally forgiven. Every bad thing was gone! It was like a weight literally was lifted off my shoulders! Now I feel stronger and bolder than I ever have in my entire life! It’s like I have more courage to do what God wants me to do, and I so want to totally surrender EVERY area of my life to Him. I didn’t realize how much fear was present in my life before I took your class, and God continues to reveal things to me that I’ve been afraid of—and I didn’t even know it! I thought I had done that “shame” assignment, so now I know satan had a hand in me NOT doing it. satan must have distracted me each time I read that section–that’s the only thing I can come up with, as I ALWAYS do the assignments. Amazing. As always, I am so grateful that you are obedient to Christ, even when your work sometimes is overwhelming. Jesus has totally changed my life through your work, and I feel sooooooooo blessed!

John & Mary Beth

​Thank you for the use of the wheelchair! You provide such a needed blessing to those in need. God bless you!


I have learned so many things I never knew before about God and what He has to say to me. I now have new insight into living in a more meaningful way. I like the way the information in the Bible is explained so well, telling me what God wants me to know about Him and who I am.

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