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New Hope Survival Kit for Men

New Hope Survival Kit for Men


This Survival Kit is used for the first counseling session with men. Using the Survival booklet, you’ll first walk through the plan of salvation. Then to help establish your identity as a Son of the King, some simple assignments are given, utilizing each of the kit items.


The New Hope Survival Kit for Men includes:

  • “Who God Says I Am” bookmark
  • “Who God Says I Am” CD
  • “I Am a Child of the King” note card
  • “Survival Kit” booklet


To really know who you are in Christ, as a son of the King, will begin releasing the miracle-working power of God in your life. A heart that is open and willing to follow a few simple instructions, is a heart that God will use. This lays the groundwork and is the foundation of the entire New Hope program.


Packaged in a large, rugged envelope, this set makes a handsome gift for any man.


What guy wouldn’t love to receive a MVP award? This gift leads them to the “Most Valuable Person” they could ever hope to receive; Jesus.