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New Hope Miracle Set

New Hope Miracle Set


Packaged in a beautiful gift bag, this set makes a great gift for anyone, no matter what level of spiritual maturity they are on. 

This Miracle Set includes:

  • “Who God Says I Am” bookmark
  • “Who God Says I Am” CD
  • “I Am a Child of the King” note card
  • “New Hope Miracle Set” booklet


The booklet first leads you through the plan of salvation, then it establishes your identity as a Child of the King, by giving four simple assignments using the items in the set for 30 days.


Knowing who you are in Christ, as a child of the King, releases the miracle-working power of God in your life. Just doing these few simple things could totally transform your life. It really lays the foundation for the entire New Hope program.


Give the gift that could change a life!