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Snow Day!

Snow had fallen over night and the darkness had given way to a cold but beautiful winter morning.  The earth, at least from my window, which was brown the day before, was now glazed in shimmering white.  “NO SCHOOL” scrolled on the TV screen. It’s a SNOW DAY! An unexpected holiday and because we all have 4-wheel drive, this small inconvenience stops no one I know.

Suddenly the perfect white carpet of snow turned into 10,000 footprints, sled marks, and shoveled heaps of snow turned into forts to protect the soldiers from in-coming snow bombs. The beautiful and peaceful looking Christmas card picture was now in complete shambles and chaos. Even though I love that Christmas card scene, the joy I felt as the grandchildren made their marks was truly priceless.

How does God view this picture from “On High”?  1 Corinthians 14:33a says, “For God is not the author of confusion but peace…” Chaos was only what I saw. The joy and peace God saw, and that the grandchildren brought us with their presence, was truly a gift. Shalom.

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