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Just Wait A Minute

I love for my daughters to text me pictures and stories of what is happening in my grandchildren’s lives on a daily basis. You just never know what it is going to be. One day my oldest daughter sent me a comment that her 22 month old son had just said to her. While in their regular morning routine, mom needing him to do something for her, my grandson suddenly said to his mother: “just wait a minute.” I wonder how many times a day this little guy hears, “just wait a minute,” but how many times is it said to mom? I think mom was a bit stunned, to say the least. At this age, cute would be the word. Of course, his older siblings don’t get the same response. Do we ever say this to God when He needs our help, our obedience? What do we think when God answers a prayer request with “just wait a minute”? Do we think it is cute, are we happy, are we stunned? And how does it make God feel when our response is…s-l-o-w?

No one likes to wait! It tests our faith and there is no guarantee our waiting will end in this lifetime. While waiting, we are tempted to be impatient, discouraged, worried, and really wonder if God cares. The Bible talks about waiting a lot. In fact, Scripture teaches us that God wants us to actively participate in the work He desires to accomplish. Waiting teaches us patience, perseverance, and endurance.  It draws us closers to our Savior.

I would like to share “10 Things to Do While Waiting”:

  1. Micah 7:7: Believe that God who saved you hears your cries;

  2. Psalm 5:3: Watch with expectancy, but be prepared for unexpected answers;

  3. Psalm 130:5-6: Put your hope in His Word;

  4. Proverbs 3:5-6: Trust in the Lord, not in your own understanding;

  5. Psalm 37:7-8: Resist fretting, refrain from anger, be still and choose patience;

  6. Psalm 27:13 and Psalm 31:24: Be strong and take courage;

  7. Lamentations 3:25 and Psalm 27:13: See it as an opportunity to experience God’s goodness; 8. Acts 1:4: Don’t go your own way, instead of waiting for God’s promise;

  8. Colossians 4:2: Continue steadfast in prayer, being watchful with thanksgiving;

  9. Isaiah 30: 18: Remember the blessings yet to come.

Father, I praise You for Your goodness to me. Thank You for loving me and may I be obedient to all You ask me to do to advance Your Kingdom. May I be mindful of Your perfect timing and always be obedient to Your requests. May I also heed Your voice when You say: “just wait a minute,” and may I see it as an opportunity to grow in You. In Jesus Name I pray.  Amen.

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