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Fall Training Classes

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Join the Warrior Brigade!

New Hope Counseling Center is in need of additional Counselors and Prayer Partners to meet the current and future needs of the people on our waiting list. We will hold an 8-week Biblical Counseling Training on Thursday evenings beginning Sept 7th through Nov 2nd from 6-9 p.m. The only charge for the Training Class is to cover the cost for printing the Counselor/Prayer Partner Handbook and Starter Kit items ($37.50). No counseling degree or experience needed. The program is designed for the Counselor and Prayer Partner teams to simply follow the Counseling Handbook to lead the Counselee through it. The program is called “Turning the Battle.” Whether it is addiction, depression, or any other emotional, relational, or spiritual problem, beginning this will mark “the turning point” in the person’s battle. These New Hope Materials were developed to deal with main root problems in people’s lives from which all other problems and issues stem. Perhaps you’re ready to move from a soldier to a warrior for Jesus, or know of a wannabe warrior you could encourage to join our crusade to “Turn the Battle.” God uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.

Personal testimony from a New Hope Counseling Graduate: “I was in bondage for many years, even as a Christian I had a lot of knowledge, but still had many issues dwelling in my heart. God used New Hope to reveal the lies that I had believed about myself and about God. I once struggled with anxiety, but now I have peace. I once was heavy in depression, but now I have joy. Where there was bondage, I now have freedom. God has used New Hope to bring redemption, healing, and wholeness to every area of my life.” 

Call Cindy Johnston (NHCC Counseling Director) if you have questions or to sign up for the Training: 641-856-3326.

New Hope will also be offering a 4-week Discipleship Training Class, beginning with Book 1 of our “Becoming A Warrior of the King” program materials, on Monday evenings beginning Sept 11 from 6-8 p.m. This class helps equip the Body of Christ to disciple those who want to know who God really is and how to have a relationship with Him on a deeply personal level (with no denominational slant). It takes people from the point of being a child of the King to becoming a warrior of the King. We have developed a way to make Discipleship easy. People will look at the Handbooks and say: I can do this!

Personal testimonies from people who have gone through this study:

“These materials are phenomenal, life-changing. It’s what I wish I would have been taught when I first became a Christian.” -Paula

“All through Seminary and Bible College I never came across material that affected a person’s spiritual life as this material does. I can only say if you want to see the life of an individual change or a congregation change, invite them to use this material.” -Pastor David

“It is a spiritual feast, amazing, I am in awe and grateful.” -Pam

“These materials were so very beneficial for me. Each section was like stepping stones (advancement) in my getting more knowledge and getting to know my Father better.” -George

This Discipleship Program not only helps to strengthen and deepen a Believer’s walk with the Lord, but also equips them to serve and minister to others in their local church or neighborhood. Imagine what your church or neighborhood, filled with warriors of the King could do… What it could do in our communities… In our world… We want to help make Disciples, to help equip God’s people to Disciple others, who will then in turn serve and minister to others in and through their local churches and the community.

Cost of the Training is $20.00 for the Discipler Book 1 and Starter Kit items. Seating is limited. Call soon to reserve your spot. This small investment of time can transform your life, and the lives of countless others. For more information, or to register for the Discipleship Training, call New Hope at: 641-856-3326.

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