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I’m Free!

A Grandma's Point of View - Janiece Self

I’m Free!

Written by Janiece Self

If you blessed enough to live in Iowa, the warm summer months are spent outside as much as possible. The out-of-doors brings joy to all ages. Unfortunetly, after spending the day outside, it was time to clean up before bed. A little boy of three does not appreciate those dreaded words: “Let’s take off your clothes, it’s bath-time.” NOOOOOO!! Is the instant response. My grandson does not hear his mother’s words as being a grand end to the perfect day.

But this evening was a bit different. As the clothing was removed, a very small, brown spot was revealed in the little guy’s armpit. Sure enough it was a Dog Tick, or at least that is what we call them, and it was attached to the skin. “Oh, mommy, get it off,” was the plea as the tears accompanied the cry for HELP!

A tick is a bug and we know about insects in Iowa. We do co-exist with them, though, some better than others. However, this bug was hooked on to Gus’s body and was not about to let go without a battle. Let’s compare this pest to sin. Sin attaches to us, our being, and without HELP from a Savior, it will not leave without a battle. We may think it is going to hurt to have it removed. But the Holy Spirit, over time shows us that at some point sin must be gone, it cannot stay. If it does stay attached it will continue to grow. The blood from the human body is the tick’s life source. Our life source is or should be the precious Blood of Jesus Christ shed willingly to save us from our sins.

When you ask Jesus for HELP, to come into your heart, you are instantly free from the bondage and the grip that sin causes. That is just what happened with my grandson. As soon as his mother removed the tick and its grip, he yelled, “I’m free”!

John 8:36 say, “If the Son (Jesus) makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” If the simple release of the tick was so freeing, think of a life, free from guilt, fear, anxiety and hopelessness is through God’s Son, Jesus.

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