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Hope Chest & New Hope Expansion

Updated: Oct 5, 2023


It’s a “step out of the boat and LOCK your eyes on JESUS” moment…

(From Expansion Journal kept by Cindy Farrington, New Hope Executive Director)


The LORD did something back on December 12, 2018, to begin wooing us to take the next step for New Hope. When things began happening, it was SO spine-chilling that I knew I needed to record everything in a Journal. I hadn’t had so many “Only God” things happening since He moved me and my family back here from Illinois to start New Hope in the first place! Only by reading everything God has said and done (in order) will you be able to understand how we absolutely know we are supposed to purchase a new property…one that is large enough to not only expand our Hope Chest Thrift Store, which is helping to fund all of New Hope’s ministries, but to have ALL of those ministries under one roof! Since we own free and clear our current New Hope property, it will be sold and applied to the new property. The Hope Chest’s cleared income tripled from its 1st full year to its 2nd, in its tiny space, without even having room to receive and sell furniture and appliances. The Expansion Journal is the story of how God used something to introduce to us the idea of expanding the Hope Chest (which the idea alone caused us to be hit by fear); how He dealt a death blow to that fear, got us “all in,” then introduced the next thing to expand our thinking on the idea; and THEN presented what He had in mind all along. I have to warn you…this is some wild God stuff… We are sharing every detail of this amazing adventure He is taking us on, because it will bring Him so much GLORY…It LIFTS HIM UP…And that’s what we want most—for His Power and His Name to be glorified and displayed to everyone involved, to our community, to our region, and to the world. It is the most INCREDIBLE “God’s Sovereign Hand” story I’ve shared yet in our Newsletters. Through all of this, God challenged and grew our faith AND how much we trust Him… We hope it will also challenge and grow your faith and how much you trust Him.  I gave the entries in updates every day or so to the 6 members of our New Hope Board of Directors, and 13 members of our Advisory Board as it was happening for their advice and decisions. We’ve excitedly been awaiting the time when we could begin sharing it with all of you—everyone and anyone! Because we know how much it will inspire people! Here’s a comment that came back from one of our Advisors that described it in such a great way: “Following this experience is akin to reading a new book, each chapter, an exciting, new twist, hanging on to each word, but confidently knowing how it will end. God is enjoying this and is interested in our individual reactions as these ‘chapters’ unfold!”

You can find New Hope’s 18 year story of how we were founded and the progressions up to this point on all the pages of our website.

New Building Needs List:

Small Hot Water Heater

Professional Sign for New Hope Ministry

Professional Sign for Hope Chest Thrift Store

2 Lighted letters for front of building to spell New Hope: W and H

40 Padded Straight Back “Church Chairs” – Purple upholstery

Landscaping burlap fabric for divider wall

Silver insulation sheets for Thrift Store walls where new is needed

Help Needed:

Install toilet in store bathroom

Install sink and vanity in store bathroom

Lay Ceramic Tile in store bathroom

Redo insulation of inside wall of store sorting area

Cement fill-in of drainage trough in back shop area

Wire 2 new florescent light fixtures in store

Install washer/dryer for store

Speckle Paint floor in small mechanical room

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