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Give to the Lord…Buy a Board!

The Hope Chest Thrift Store is bursting at the seams and we’re already out of room! We’re asking you to sow into this newly established ministry outreach of New Hope by helping us acquire some lumber.

Would you be willing to buy one board, or one sheet of plywood?

Although it’s not the Ark, the Hope Chest is a Vessel that has been used countless times as a sort of buoy for those who are sinking under the heavy burdens of life. Expanding the store will give us space to make even more items available to help those in need.

The Hope Chest. So much more than just a Store – it’s a place of refuge and healing for the people and families of our communities.

      Give to the Lord…please buy us a board!

                  Help us keep the Vessel afloat.

One 16-ft 2×4 = $4.86

One 1/2″ Sheet OSB Plywood = $15.71

One 3/4″ Treated Sheet Plywood = $34.24

You can help out by donating on our “Give” page.

Or mail your designated donation to New Hope Ministry, PO Box 151, Centerville, IA 52544.

Or call 641-856-3326 for more info.

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